Operation Safety net

Operation Safety Net is an Emergency Assistance Program for law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS, and Military Service men/women.

The funds in this program are to help with living expenses and other urgent unmet needs for those that have fallen on hard times whether due to injury on the job, displacement from department budget cuts and from other issues such as COVID-19 that force them to quarantine from home, thus missing work.

Resources will be used to help with these needs:

– Rent/Mortgage Assistance

– Utility Bills (Water, Electric, etc.)

– Putting Food on the Table

– Medical expenses otherwise not covered from Insurance

– Family needs for costs of Day-care

– Other needs on case by case basis

US Dollars Average Monthly Cost of Living for Family of Four in Our Region

We must apologize but while we are still securing funding for Operation Safety Net in order to support our Heroes and their families, we regrettably are unable to accept applications.  If you or someone you know in law enforcement, fire/ems, and military has needed help due to these hard times in the last twelve months, please complete this survey.  This is to help us show to our grantors and corporations how great the need is which only lends to further needed support for this program.  All the information will remain anonymous.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us at info@backtheheroesrumble.com.