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About us & Our mission

Back the Blue Rumble dba Back the Heroes Rumble is recognized in Ohio as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in support of law enforcement, first responders, fire fighters, and military servicemen/women and the Veteran community.  Our service area covers the entire states of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  

This organization is consisted of four board members in the Cincinnati Tri-State Community including two military veterans, and partnered with local chapters and charities such as the Police Wives of Ohio Cincinnati Chapter. When a local law enforcement officer was killed in the line of duty in our area, it had shaken every one of us to our core. So we decided to do a car show to honor the fallen officer as OUR way of Backing the Blue in a loud way. After helping host that car show for the officer, many of us wanted to continue to do this on a larger scale and more frequently. Our name was inspired by that experience of Backing the Blue in that successful car show. But we wanted to support more than just our law enforcement. So we created this non-profit corporation to serve police, fire and military.

Our mission is to honor law enforcement officers, fire fighters and the military community and the families they have left behind. Our objective and vision is to not just be another organization that donates a check and then disappears. We intend on creating a network with the families of the fallen to meet and support one another during these toughest of times along with our partnered Non-profits of these communities. It is our desire to connect these families with these corporations for resources as well. We will be hosting various events to raise funds that will be donated to the selected families by our board to be honored at said events including our annual car show.  We also help underfunded police/fire departments when the need is there for equipment/resources via our Operation Open Arms community Initiative.  

We will continue to HONOR those whom served and gave the ultimate sacrifice. We will continue to SERVE those whom bear the burden of losing a loved one. We will SACRIFICE our time and effort to do what we must to show support and show solidarity to our heroes and their loved ones. This is because if not for their service, and sacrifice, our communities wouldn’t be as great and free as it is today. We will always BACK OUR HEROES! "



What Programs Do You Offer?

Back the Heroes Rumble offers two funded programs:  Operation Never Forget & Operation Open Arms.  ONF is our annual car show where we honor fallen heroes & support the families of said honorees.  OOA is a community initiative where we assist underfunded needs of law enforcement/fire departments.

What Percentage of Donations Goes to the Mission?

100% of Donor funds goes towards the mission and operations.

Is Your Board or Staff Getting Paid?

No.  Absolutely zero funding/donations goes to our board or staff. 

Even including our President, all are 100% volunteers and receive no compensation of any kind.

I Want to Help With Either Volunteering or to Donate. How Do I Help?

You can help by signing up to volunteer at our events.  You can do so by clicking on "How to Help" button in menu bar atop the page.

From there it'll take you to where you can donate via the payment portal and/or present a button "Become A Volunteer".  Click there & sign up.  Thank you for your support!

My Department Needs Help. How Do We Reach Out?

First, we would like to Thank you and your department for serving and protecting our communities!

You need to go to 'Programs for Heroes' and click on Operation Open Arms.  Once you are there, you scroll down to bottom.

There is the "Complete Assistance Application" button where you'll complete application.

From there, our Program Director, Jason Marsh will reach out to work with you and help.

If your law enforcement agency is in need of emergency trauma kits, you do not need to apply but rather email us directly.

Email us at and we will contact you within a few days to coordinate getting you those kits.

Our Business/Corporation Wants to Help. How Do We Go About Connecting and Helping?

Thank you for reaching out!  Many Corporations like yours has been the backbone in our efforts and without you, doing our mission would be difficult.

We kindly ask you reach out to us via email at and our Marketing Director, Amy Donley will reach out to you and show you the various ways we can work together in serving our heroes!

Also please check out our programs as there are often times along with our car show opportunities to sponsor!  Again, Thank you for your support!

Carl Whalen

Carl Whalen


Carl Whalen is President/Co-founder of Back the Blue Rumble.  He is a 5 year combat veteran of the United States Army and served as a Combat Medic during Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign.  He also has his Bachelors Degree in Nursing from University of Cincinnati. 

While serving the fallen heroes and their families, he continues to live by the warriors ethos he swore under in the military; One of these ethos means more to him than the rest being "I will never leave a fallen comrade".


Andrea Whalen

Andrea Whalen

Secretary/Co-Founder/Honoree Contact Liason


Andrea Whalen is Secretary and Co-Founder of Back the Blue Rumble.  She is a recent graduate from University of Cincinnati with her Bachelors Degree of Science in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Biology.

Her passion is to serve her community and while she serves our military/veteran community as VA School Certifying Official at University of Cincinnati, she continues her pursuit to care of our fallen heroes and their families.  She is also the Honoree Contact Liaison for our annual car show.  When our heroes are selected to be honored at any of our events and we need to reach out to the family of said Honoree, Andrea is the one person who contacts said family. It is at this moment first where we make our initial contact to honor a fallen loved one.

She is also the person that coordinates with the Honoree Welcoming Team during our Annual Car Show when the day is made entirely about the fallen hero and his/her family.

Amy Donley

Amy Donley

VP of Marketing/Board Member


Amy Donley is our VP of Marketing and one of our new board members. Amy has several years of experience helping veterans, service members, first responders and their families working for WTF Nation Radio, “The Voice of US Army WTF Moments” as their Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager.

While Amy has been helping our nations heroes on a national level, she hopes to be able use her skills to help our heroes within the region we serve (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky).

Tim Craig

Tim Craig

VP of Business Relations/Board Member


Tim is a retired Chief Executive Officer from Lexmark's Inkjet Division who has been a part of our organization since it's inception and loves to support our first responders & military in any way possible.  This is why Tim Craig is our Golf Outing event chair and has always been a direct professional mentor to our Executive Director.  

When business relationship are begun, the connections flourish thanks to the work done by Tim, our Business Relations Vice President.  Come to our Golf outing fundraiser and get to know Tim, and you will see what Tim is such a highly liked person.


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Back the Blue Rumble is a tax exempt public charity (Federal Tax ID # 83-4125871). 

All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.